FairShare's "ACH Smarter and Easier" proprietary payment solutions allow individual purchases paid for using PayAway® consumer friendly and individually customized payment plans provide superior business results.

Product Solution
PayAway® enables customers with no credit, thin credit or just plain credit challenged to still make a big ticket purchase even if they have been turned down by EVERYONE else for credit. Our innovative solution creates incremental market share opportunities on a "Guaranteed Delivery of Target Earnings” basis! 
PayAway® Layaway
An automated and modernized version of “old” layaway, PayAway® Layaway is fully automated and both customer and seller friendly.  Clients are able to sell goods and services at their regular retail prices (not a price or fee inflated cost typically chargedunder “rent-to-own or lease/purchase” arrangements), preserving the customer’s wallet for potential additional future purchases. Like all our other PayAway® solutions supports “Just-In-time” inventory management practices.
PayAway® Prime
Another first of its kind, web-enabled and Patent Pending, interest free payment acceptance solution, PayAway® Prime provides your business with a lower cost alternative to interest-free credit offers with higher discount fees typically charged by conventional credit grantors.

PayAway® Suite of Products Deliver Opportunities for:  

Enhanced Operational Effectiveness:

  • Use of Transaction Level "Business Intelligence"
  • Improved Sales Forecasting
  • Improved Inventory Forecasting
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Decreased POS Tender Costs

Enhanced Marketing:

  • Customer Targeting
  • Special Events 
  • Client Website Promotion
  • Targeted Merchandise Offers


  • Fraud Resistant Features
  • SSL Security


Increased Sales Potential:

  • Expands Customer Base
  • Extends Market Reach
  • Increases Average Ticket
  • Increases Sales Conversion Rates
  • Increases Store Traffic

Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • Take It Home BEFORE Its 100% Paid For
  • "Save Opportunity" for in-store credit turn-downs  
  • Helps Customer Establish Payment History