Product Solution

  • Web-Enabled payment software solution and settlement service targeting the no credit, thin credit or credit challenged consumer segments to allow delivery of incremental sales on a "Guaranteed Client Breakeven or Better Basis"

  • Web-Enabled payment software solution providing enhanced Layaway capabilities that include retailer direct control of terms and fees, customer convenient, customized and automated payments, and enhanced merchant inventory management capabilities.

  • Web-Enabled payment software solution and settlement service that is similar to PayAwayTM but allows more flexible extended repayment terms

PayAwayTM Suite of Products Compared to Other Payment Methods:

  Revolving Credit Cards Deferred Payment Plans (e.g.. Bill Me Later) Installment Credit Programs Predatory Landing (e.g. Pay Day Loans) Non-Credit Based Layaway Payaway™ Payaway Prime™
Description Traditional credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex, Private Label Credit etc) Specialized payment programs focused on interest free promotions Single use fixed payment term programs High interest / fee programs designed to advance funds Cash, Check, etc No interest payment plan with delayed delivery Automated payment plan with early delivery of merchandise/services
Delivery of Goods/Services in Advance of Full Payment    
Available to 104 Million Credit Challenged Consumers      
Customer Friendly, No-Interest, No-Fee Program        
Incremental Sales Opportunities        
Client "Customized" ACH Payment Plans w/ Business Intelligence            

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Operational Effectiveness:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Price /Volume Leverage
  • Customer Service

Marketing Enhancements:

  • Customer Target Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Web Site Co-Advertising
  • Merchandise


  • Security Tools
  • Fraud Resistant Features
  • SSL Security


Sales Enhancements:

  • Expand Customer Base
  • Extend Market Reach
  • Increase Avg Ticket
  • Increase Sales Conversion Rates
  • Grow The Bottom Line
  • Decrease POS Tender Costs
  • Increase Store Traffic

Customer Experience Enhancements:

  • Take It Home BEFORE Its 100% Paid
  • Credit Partner Synergy Potential
  • Lifetime Value-Jr. "Credit"